Lena Brundin, MD, PhD - Research

Image of Lena Brundin

Dr Lena Brundin's laboratory of behavioral medicine works with the hypothesis that inflammation in the brain contributes to psychiatric symptoms. The group works in a translational fashion, spanning experiments in animal- and cell models to clinical studies in psychiatric patients. A particular clinical focus is depression and suicidality.

Several publications from the group have shown evidence of inflammation, in the form of elevated cytokines and inflammatory metabolites, in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of depressive and suicidal patients. In translational experiments, the group is trying to understand at a detailed neurobiological level how the inflammatory substances exert their effects, and what regions in the brain are involved. The aim is to find novel therapeutic options for patients with depression, anxiety and suicidality.

Technical Expertise:
•     High sensitivity cytokine measures
•     Psychiatric rating scales and assessment of human behaviour
•     Clinical depression, anxiety and suicidality
•     Gene therapy
•     Stereotaxic surgery
•     Behavioral evaluations of depression and anxiety in models
•     ELISA, Western blot, Q-PCR, immunohistochemistry
•     Cell cultures
•     Stereology